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About us

Why does WeYay! exist?

We want to make a small contribution for a better world. We do this by making giving fun.

How does WeYay! work?

Simply make a donation on WeYay! and, with a bit of luck, you’re off to meet your favourite celebrities and experience an incredible event that money just can’t buy! Our participating celebrities know that many people around the world depend on our generosity. With WeYay! they get to hand-pick the charity project closest to their hearts and, with our support, promote their own big fundraiser for their chosen projects. But that’s not all! Together with one lucky fan they will be starring in a one-off special event. Our celebrities show the world a new way of giving and spreading happiness – not only by raising funds for the good cause, but also by spending time with one of their fans and giving them the time of their lives!

What is WeYay!’s job?

We are the ones putting the plan into action and making sure everything runs smoothly. We create and organise the events, make sure you’re always kept in the loop, guarantee that the prize draw is run in accordance with regulations, and take responsibility for the proper handling of all donations. We work as efficiently as possible, which allows us to give 80% of all funds raised directly to the charity organisations involved. We only keep 20% of your donations, and put every penny into building an even bigger network of supporters. This enables us to plan more exciting events, spread our message to more people, and, as a result, do more good!

Who is behind all this? Meet the We powering the Yay!

WeYay! was founded in January 2018 in Hamburg,Germany. Even though we are a start-up company, we are by no means starting from scratch – our team members are drawing from years of experience and embody the entrepreneurial spirit that is vital to our business. We are passionate when it comes to trying new things and thrive to create something meaningful. We are professional, yet think outside the box.

Dr. Hans Cornehl

Managing Director and WeYay! founder
Hans is in charge of all charity projects and for the financial side. He makes sure things get done, and is always driven by the challenge of discovering new ways of finding amazing charity projects and events. Hans has been part of the internet world for more than 20 years, growing and developing businesses. In his free time, you can usually find him near to a sea or on a sea.

Michael Gruczel

Creative mind behind our products and WeYay! founder
Michael is the creator of the product, from conception to final product. Creating products for the online market is something he has been doing for over 10 years. Michael also has a keen interest in artificial intelligence, psychology, and console games.

Denise Wimmer

Event Organiser
Denise is the one with the master plan for all organisational topics. Events with your celebrities, the WeYay! head office, our partners - with Denise they are all in good hands. If you have any questions or need support, she is the person to talk to.

Oona Marie Frogier de Ponlevoy

Marketing Manager
Oona is our marketing lead. She is the one who spreads the word about our events and about the chances to support charitable causes. Tell her how you heard of us and what peaked your interest!

Christine Thoma

Managing Director and WeYay! founder. Business strategy
Christine looks after strategy and business development. Together with our partners, she is constantly watching out for new ideas and unique experiences. She loves bringing new ideas to life and supporting start-ups as a mentor. In her free time, she is crazy about sports. After 20 years of football, she has now turned towards running, mountain biking and yoga.

Countless supporters

We couldn’t do our jobs without a little help from our friends and supporters. Some areas they help us with are design, photography, movie creation, development, Customer Service, sports, fashion, accounting, legal, E-Sports, Social Media, copywriting, translation, and many more!