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About us

Why WeYay!

You know there are lots of people on this planet who are far worse off than you, but you could certainly help a few. WeYay! makes it fun to donate because it gives you the chance to win an event with a star.

How does it work ?

Donate - win the draw - have event event that's absolutely unique and that money just can't buy. Many people and aid projects around the world rely on financial support - and celebrities are well aware of this. They choose projects for WeYay! which are close to their hearts. And by making themselves available for our events and getting people interested in their projects, they help twice.

What is the job of WeYay!

We are enabler. We take care that everything works smoothly. We create events, keep you up to date, guarantee a correct draw and the correct handover of the donations to the charity. We work as effectively as possible. As a result, 80% of your donation goes straight to the respective charity project. We use just 20% to help build the community - so we can offer even more events, reach even more people, and provide even more help.

Who is WeYay!

We are a Startup, founded January 2018. But we don't start from scratch. We are a team with a lot of experiences and entrepreneural mindset. We have fun trying new things which add value. We are professional, but we prefer to be fast over perfect.

Dr. Hans Cornehl

Managing Director and WeYay! Founder
Hans leads the charity projects, Finance and he ensurse that things get done ... always driven by the challenge to find new ways to find amazing charity-Projects and events. For more than 20 years in the Internet world, growing and developing companies. In his private time you will normally find him near or on the sea.

Michael Gruczel

Mind behind the Product and WeYay! Founder
Michael creates the product for you. From conception to the end product. Building products in the internet is something he does for over ten years. Artificial intelligence, psychology and console games is what he is interested in.

Denise Wimmer

Event Organiser
Denise has the masterplan for all organisational topics. Events with your Stars, the WeYay!-Office, our partners - are in good hands. If you have questions and need support, she is the right person to ask.

Oona Marie Frogier de Ponlevoy

Marketing Manager
Oona is our marketing lead. She spreads the news about our events and the chances to contribute to good causes. Tell her how we reached you and how we excited you.

Additionally we have a network of partners, supporters and friends, helping out where ever we need help: Anne, Roland, Gunnar, Oli, Magnus, Thanh, Martin, ...