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What it is about ?

You wonder how to create a contemporary digital offer? You look for ways to enthuse younger audiences for your charity projects? You want to make even better use of the appeal of your ambassadors?
We are your perfect partner then! We help you unleash untapped potential and resources. The advantages for you in a nut shell: you activate new target groups and increase the contributions of existing donors. In addition, your brand will shine even more because of your ambassador support.
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Our motivation

We want to help to tap unused potential and resources in the donation market through a contemporary digital offer. We bring together charitable organizations, celebrities and their fans.

Background – Three aspects of a problem

The charity market needs help

The charity volume in Germany has been flat for years. As there is no suitable digital offer, most donations happen offline (98%). In addition, 70% of all donors are 50 years and older. By not appealing to younger, digitally focused audiences, valuable potential and resources are not addressed.
Source: GfK (2017)
Donation contribution by age group
Younger audiences want to help – but online

Younger audiences are not opposed to giving. On the contrary – these age groups are characterized by a strong need for purpose and sustainability. At the same time, we need to keep in mind that these generations were born and bred digitally. They seek to fulfil their needs online. This includes aspects such as relationships, distraction, and recognition. A successful activation must build on these.
Source: „Connected Life“, TMS; „Cracking the social code“, UM
Celebrities want to help – whilst interacting with their fans and having fun

Many celebrities – individuals or groups – help already. Often, this help comes in the form of a gala dinner or golf tournament. These activities do raise considerable amounts but are only accessible to a few people with the corresponding financial mean. Consequently, there is no interaction with the wider fan base.

How it works

The Celebrity invites to an amazing event for a good cause. The Celebrity decides about the cause and the event itself.
Every donation takes part in a raffle, donating more money means higher chances to win
The drawn winner will meet the Celebrity for an unique experience, money can't buy
Our role

We see ourselves as a catalyst. We want to connect charities, celebrities, and their fans through meaningful and unique experiences. Through targeted digital marketing and interaction with the wider fan base, we create an uplift for existing as well as new charity projects.
Our background

Our team has more than 20 years of entrepreneurial experience in developing and marketing digital products. In this time, we have built a robust understanding of and capabilities in targeted end consumer marketing, data-based analytics and technology platforms.
Our contribution

We take care of organizing the campaign end-to-end, providing the technology solution and especially the marketing budget for paid advertising and content creation. We are committed to keeping the work load of all our partners to a minimum.
In return for our services, we charge 20% of all donations generated in the course of a campaign (gross, i.e. including VAT).